Here are some of my quotes:

Meet me at the point where your programming ends and your inspiration begins…

You can know the world only to the degree that you know yourself.

There are many layers of understanding. The deeper you go, the wider you know.

To be able to love someone, you must be able to love yourself first.

Pain is a portal that can either lead to light or darkness. It all depends on how you treat it. If you skip your pain, you become a victim. If you heal it, you become a hero.

Freedom comes when you detach from things that most matter to you.

High frequency vibration can remain only in the presence of love.

A genius is someone who is smart enough to let go of its own thoughts and channel higher universal energies.

Inspiration is the highest form of intelligence.

If peace comes as a result of any decision, know that you have made the right one.

The most difficult & the smartest thing to do is to accept others as they are 100%.

The most needy for the love of others are those who love and accept themselves the least.

Self-resistance is like the wine cork that the ego is using to stop the flow of light and love into you.

The biggest undermining of the system is the promotion of a belief that: There is no other way!

True manipulator uses not only his skills, but especially his incompetence in his favor.

The only job which cannot be replaced by anyone else but you, is the one you do with passion.

The biggest manipulations are made in the name of authority.

Humor is the most intelligent art of communication.

Perfectionism is an amateur disease.