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Everything in life is in the constant change. Change is the key to progress. The more we are adaptive to change, the more are the chances to succeed in life.

Our capacity to change is determined by our ability to know ourselves.

I asked my students early this semester to use Twitter as a tool to learn and share their thoughts in my class. This was something new to them, as they were not used to use social networking tools (especially Twitter) for educational purposes. In the beginning, I was enthusiastic as I thought this was going to be easily embraced by them. But, somewhere in the middle of semester I noticed that the only time when they shared something new or reacted to my tweets (related to the course) was when I asked them to do so. The truth is that the pace of change differs from one another and everyone has it’s own rhythm and speed.  What is more important, the process of embracing the new is never going to be as we want in life – so, it’s nor accepted or rejected 100%.

Whatever we do, no matter how difficult or unacceptable it looks in the beginning, we are already expanding the collective awareness towards that thing. In other words, by this we are changing the way people used to think and believe about that specific thing.

In an energetic level, “change” can be described as a wave which can start to penetrate in places it has never been before. But, here comes the other part of it: Resistance. More specifically, resistance to change. Again, viewing from an energetic level, resistance looks like a vortex.

So, if you want to move on with the change, you must confront the nearest vortex first. In the beginning it’s your own vortex/ resistance. Once you manage to overcome your resistance, you are free to move on until you face the second vortex. It can be your family’s resistance, your partner’s resistance or any other people’s resistance. One thing I am sure is that each vortex will try to keep you busy with their troubles. They will do anything to convince you that you are doing the WRONG thing and what they do is the only RIGHT way. They can give you thousands of reasons why you should follows them and not your path… At least their vortex has proven to be “safe”.

Here comes the point where we have to decide between the love for ourselves (change towards our own path) OR the need to be accepted and approved by others (which means staying in the “comfort” zone of the vortex people). Life has taught me to always choose the first option, no matter if I ended up being criticized and judged by others.

Our uniqueness can be found far away from of the vortex of other people, somewhere where in peace we can shine our light into the darkness of ignorance and forgetfulness. To find this path, we must face and overcome all the vortexes that come along our way.

Are you ready to take this path now? If yes, please write in the comment section below all the problems you might be facing along the way.

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Josh Applegate on Unsplash


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