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I have been thinking recently about all the things I have manifested in this lifetime. My family and friends, my job, my spiritual path and my freedom. I am absolutely grateful for all the things I have attained in life right now.

One thing I realized I am not good at it is MONEY. I am not a good money manifestor.

While thinking about this, I’ve asked myself the following questions:

      –   When do I think about ____ (money)?

Surprisingly, the answer which came into my mind was that the only time when I think about money is when I feel I don’t have any and I need them the most… So, basically this is the time when my mind is operating from the survival mode.

Then, back to the beginning I asked myself again:

      –   Where does my conscious mind normally go during the day?

In finding inspirations, looking for new answers/new ways of doing things, cleaning and cleansing whatever needs to be cleaned and cleansed from me, working on my limiting beliefs, helping other people to solve problems, learning new things…

In other words, my normal day activity is focused in self-development and in expanding my awareness in general.

Then I had a profound moment… my neocortex from which my creative thinking derivate is not active when I think about ______ (money). 

So, basically I am a good manifestor only when I think from my creativity mode. Or in other words, I am good in manifesting only things that can truly make me happy.

Now, talking about money, it’s not that I don’t like them. We all do. It is just the fact that it is not in my priority list from which my creative mind works.

When we operate from the survival mode, our existence is based on our old beliefs systems which mainly come from poor consciousness.   

My job is to look for all limiting beliefs about _____ (money) I inherited from my family and society I grew up in…

(“Money doesn’t make you happy”, “Only bad people have money”, “You should work very hard to make money”, “In poor countries like Kosova, only bad people can make money” and so on… )

I am so lucky to be able to see myself from this prospective which leads me towards knowing myself in a more profound way. Replacing old beliefs with the new ones feels to me like replacing new updated files into my computer. More or less.

So, it is not a matter of being a good or bad manifestor. We are all good manifestors. Even when we think we aren’t. Or when we are really bad at manifesting something. Which  can only tell us that our beliefs about that thing are working against us. And they would likely come from a poor consciousness which operates from our reptilian brain. That’s all.

Our job is to understand this dynamic and to start replacing the “bad” beliefs with the “good” ones. And it is not a matter of deserving or not deserving. By the way, that’s another limited prospective we can have from a judgmental point of view.

Our limit to joy, love, abundance and freedom is the universe itself. It is limitless. It is only a matter of understanding that makes it accessible for us anytime and anywhere.



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