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In today’s world, one of the trends is to become positive. Everywhere you go, you meet people saying that they will do anything to stay in a positive vibration. This is absolutely fine, as long as we need to stay in a good mood and feel happy about it … But, the truth is that both “positivity” and “negativity” are two sides of the same coin. So, when we are focused only on one aspect of ourselves which is the “positive” aspect, we (un)intentionally might “forget” the “negative” side of it. In other words, when we try to stay in the “positive” vibes, we are resisting the “negative” side of ours. It is like we are accepting only half percentage of ourselves. And this is something absolutely not POSITIVE.

Being “positive” or “negative” is seen from the duality perspective.  The word itself explains its own meaning (lat. dualis,  dualitas – two different sides of the spectrum).  I believe the origin of this word comes from Albanian language, which literally means TWO (“du” comes from “dy”). “Dy” means “two”.

In contrary, oneness is the opposite of duality. By just being yourself, by default you accept yourself as a whole person, complete being as you are… and there is no need to become neither “positive” or “negative”. If you find yourself in situations where you begin to act as a “negative” person, do yourself a favour and instead of running from it and becoming “positive”, embrace it and dive into it… to the degree that you feel complete again… Oneness, at the most basic level is the state of truth.

Here is an example of how “negativity”, “positivity” and “oneness” differ.

Let’s say you know someone and no matter how deep you know that person, you acknowledge only the positive aspect of him/her. This is an example of being “positive”. So, basically you filter the information based on what you think is “right” or “wrong”. The opposite aspect of this example is to become “negative” and judge only the negative side of him/her. In both examples, you are judging the person based on your criteria of good/bad, right/wrong, black/white. So, you are being “positive” by accepting the “positive” aspect and/ or “negative” by accepting the “negative” aspect.

Whereas, observing someone as a whole being (which encompasses both positive and negative)… with all its aspects and accepting it for everything he/she is, comes as a result of oneness perspective.

The more authentic we become, the more we accept the oneness perspective. It is like watching the whole puzzle from a higher perspective. By doing so, we become more and more wise and positive. But this time, our positivity will come naturally as a result of our growth and empowerment, and not to escape from anything we don’t like about ourselves or others.

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Randy Drum · May 26, 2019 at 5:27 am

Seeking to make everything positive will make everything negative. Excellent . thank you for this breath of fresh air amid the seeming oceans of “positivity”/denial of my “peers”.. great work

    rrezja · June 22, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    Thank you, Randy!

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